Summary of May 2 meeting
Here is a summary from our last saturday meeting (May 2). It is a working document with lots of brevity and lots of our names. Is it correct? The aim is to get it into a reasonable shape by early next week. I have to interact with each World leader to sort out preparation of the problems in each World. Contact me directly if you wish. Please note the names attached to each item mentioned in the summary and realise that it means it is your responsibility, unless you negotiate otherwise and let us all know. Ian

Sketch of ideas from meeting Saturday March 2nd 2009.
Program Ian R, distributed preparation of materials conforming to a Skeleton setout. See responsibilities below. Idea is to be consistent in presentation between rooms so the kids need minimal instruction. Partial Exception: robots, thinking worlds. Ian R to distribute ideas to groups for their preparation in laison with ian r. Teachers are expected to have a sense of the problems, but not necessarily how to do them. We are not there to instruct or hint at approaches. This will be done through material provided. Kids can talk to ian r but still no solutions given. Kids can choose their problems to follow and spend as much time as they like. If they can’t do/don’t like a problem then try another.
5 Enrichment worlds CROPT
Showing staffing – always at least one per world
Question: name of ‘rooms’, world, station, …? Any good ideas?
5 worlds, 5 activities:
Robot world: John, Derek,

Outdoor world: paths, cycles, centres, Steiner tree (4 points in rectangle to be joined with min amount of chord). We know exact answer, see what kids do. Need witches hats or similar, rope or similar, tape measures, hammer, nails, blocks of wood, bucket of soapy water. Matt, Michele
Thinking/quiet world. General problems such as 1989. safety/supervision if not in a room. Calculators available here only and not to be removed. Otherwise they can use phone calculator. Roger
Colouring world. colour/number problems. Caroline, Leah, Val
Problem, (Logic, Calculating) world. Mick, Pat

Floating staff: Ian R, Ian S, Chris R, Heleana W, Sandra
Need notes to teachers – their role. Try 1 or 2 teachers per room out of 3 – these know the basic topics, don’t teach but encourage or manage/slight hints at most. Need teachers to cruise around and note any issues that may be arising.
Sat2/5 teachers split into groups to prepare activities and email to me to check/comment. Want standard format. Ian R, Caroline for format.
Enrichment program overview
Friday: mix of get to know you activities.
(Pat or Donna 10 kids each hold hand of 2 others – untwine), Hi5s, HT game – students choose by standing and showing head/tails with hands, throw dice and sit down if wrong. A pass the parcel variant, with questions wrapped – last one standing correct or fastest group to finish or ?, maybe they work out how many to pass it so they all get a go once – rules, not adjacent person, always same amount in same direction. )
maths, quizzes, introduce 1989 problem (Ian R get sheet from Jeanette v) and overview. Each kid follows own path in the problems they choose to work on. Discover: which problem is related to the logo?

Saturday: Quick activities between sessions, small prizes.
Prizes and certificates presented Sunday. Teams or individuals they choose.

Ideas for activities: theme Graphs

One introductory lesson/notes then rooms. Graph of rooms. Allow a second visit to a room that they like.

Sheets with motivation, background, instructions, pictures, examples, problems, partial hints at different levels gold silver bronze depending on how much hints needed.
Problems room
P Hamilton’s puzzle graph
Sudoku or partially complete LS
Hi 5s. relationship to K_4 and logo.
Min cut set/max flow
Planarity – draw graphs with min number of edge crossings.
Isomorphic graphs
Chair on grid move 1.
Chessboard with 1 square removed and 2-tiles, 3-tile? Longit, elbow.
Colour room: C Schur, 2 colours (provide poker chips and a number table). Can you beat 7? If can then try 3 colours. How high can you go? (at least 14) . 3-colour a graph, vertex, edge. Ramsey numbers R(2,3) and R(3,3) as colouring.
Outdoor room measuring tapes,
Labelled bridges: can you do Bridge of K? why not? Put in one bridge, matter where start? 2 bridges to get a HC.
MWST, road sealing.
Shortest paths
Max number of edges and not connected.
Location centre for firetruck etc, unweighted, weighted.
Steiner tree
Number of paths across chessboard.
Robot room John B to prepare. Extension : revs from RR to AS. Number of revolutions of tyre from RR to AS, say 80km. What’s needed to be known? How to estimate? Nearest answer is prize. John need know bus tyre size and estimate c.f. robot.
Thinking/Learning room
Graphs, degree of nodes, weighted, paths, cycles, Tower of Hanoi: some kids like. Bring it for problem room. Ian S. Ian R will bring. Poster/cardboard how many to do 20, 100 Ian S prepare.
Dvd about secret messages. A message to decipher.
Quiz (allow local explan time for some Qs)
Pre and post activities Qs.
Which has the largest area/perimeter: A 1x1 square or a circle with diameter 1?
To the nearest 10%, how much smaller is the smaller area?
Similar for sphere.
Multiple choice?
What’s the 10th smallest prime?
How many factors has 101, 60, 2^10?
Which number less than 40 has the most distinct factors.
What is 1st 5th 20th 100th positive even integer with exactly two threes as digits?

POSTER 1-100 write up a way of getting n using each of 1989 once each and any operations. Q Is cube root allowed? No. Roger/Ian re 1989 Jeanette

Reference: Holton’s book and more ideas. Ian R

Problem skeleton
Most problems presented as optimisation problems involving constraints. Constraint: set of rules or restrictions that must be obeyed.
Caroline, Leah will do the skeleton – production issues.
e.g. from Colour Room
Statement of problem: Breaking The rules. How far can you go?
1a You have 2 colours (of your choice). You are to colour each of the numbers 1,2,3,4, … with a colour subject to:
Constraints (teachers may need to explain constraint).
Constraint A: If b and c are the same colour then b + c is a different colour.
Constraint B: The numbers b and 2b have to be different colours.
1a Assuming Constraints A and B: What’s the largest number (call it n) that you can colour in this way, given that you have to begin with colouring the number 1 and colouring each consecutive number up to and including n?
1b What answer do you get if Constraint B is not used? i.e. only constraint A is imposed.
Is that the answer???? WE DON’T TELL THEM. They can choose to look in an envelope.
2. You are now allowed 3 colours:
2a What answer do you get under constraints A and B?
2b Can you colour 1, …, 18 with constraint A only? Can you go further?
Resources: Poker chips and a strip or other way of showing the first n integers (n <= 20).
How do you know that you can’t do better.
Notes: short explanation how to approach such problems.
Given the graph … and 3 colours, can you colour the graph so that
Constraint A: Adjacent vertices are not the same colour
Constraint B: Incident edges are not the same colour
Constraint C: adjacent areas are not the same colour. Use 4 colours? Translate this to vertices are areas? Give historic account of 4 colour theorem?
What if the world is a donut??? Or use this last one for drawing for edge crossing minimisation?
Given K_5 can you colour it so that no blue or red triangle? What about K_6?
Each room: demonstrate the ideas in some form initially. How?
Kids get: Workbook (with all activities?). They complete as wish and we collect and mark on sat night. Ian R. Each kid, pen 4-colour, paper, plasticine multi colours, string, spiral bound. Ziplock bags (strong enough?) What about shopping bags – donation from a shop. Who could organise? stick on labels for kids to write own name. John B

General: 3M A3 paper Derek will bring 6, Butcher paper and suitable pens, small whiteboards (Mick and ??), bluetac, black tshirt (sizes needed). Whiteboard markers (Matt) and erasers who??? Rebecca, small whiteboards, butcher paper, blue tack
To do
tell kids they are allowed to bring own music (earphones) but can’t play too loud. Mobiles allowed but won’t work. Note can bring phones, wont work. Phone number of place given to all parents.
Need video Matt and still photos Jules to record camp
Need official photo for each person (another cost). Do a poster/report to distribute for PR. Thankyou letter/report to schools departments etc. Jules as still photographer.
John approach Peter A re feedback sheet.
Final beautiful report. Timeline: NAB schools first to be written by August. Their theme is COMMUNITY. See search for schools first. $25K.
Post enrichment: debriefing meeting Sunday arvo at Centralian – roger get school open.
Logo: see wiki ‘maths camp 2009’ seems simple and clear.
Other ideas: ‘I got maths enriched in the centre, 2009’ an idea for a slogan
Tshirt colour single colour black shirt. Q of 2009 on shirt? Due to reuse.
Other Logo suggestions: maths in the centre 2009, central maths 2009, maths enrichment 2009, maths fever 2009, …?
certificate, merit certificates. Jillian
Collecting and publishing of students and camp. Who to organise?
John will liaise with Ross river, make sure rooms, kitchen, all activity rooms, room bookings, outdoor, no noisy machinery during timer, no sprinklers, whiteboards ??, projector, 2xdataprojector Roger1,john B1, movie screen, movies story of 1, roger 15minute, john movie.
Speakers for movie: john
Suggest maths video Friday night and general movie Saturday night.
Kitchen Rebecca is responsible.
Food: KISS
Lots of fruit, snacks.
Breaky: cereal and toast
Lunch; hot dogs or similar
Dinner BBQ, hamburgers, salad slightly different each night

Some vegie food, desert cakes or similar. Eskies Rebecca and Ian S. for transport. Derek for transport of heavy stuff one way.

Kids responsible for own plates etc. roster for cleaning big items (but issue of time for kids and teachers).

No smoking or drinking near kids or kids camp. Need 2 bus drivers ready for emergency. Need get Ian R to drive bus. Try to have each adult a night to relax by pool – our own BBQ. Saturday night needs support for working out prizes etc.
At least one from each school at camp area if possible. Gender mix. Matt responsible for Larapinta – make sure each school has an adult to look after them.

Teacher schedule: when will we be there. Matt on wiki
Medical OK
Food ok
Legal ok
Return time: 1230 at centralian, circular carpark, departure: 5pm Friday from cnetralian central carpark. Be there at 445 for loading buses.
Buses: 2 centralian roger, Julia smith jules, matt to drive , ian r reserve,
Sleeping bag, 1 small personal bag, no swag (bulk), suggested list of things. Toothbrush, comb, toothpaste, covered shoes/runners, torch, pyjamas, sleeping sheet. Pillow, 2 pairs socks, 2 undies, pants, jumper (expect 4degrees), hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (bulk by us – Rebecca), deodorant, comb, towel, soap, washer, shirts, dresses/skirts not recommended due to outdoor activities/cold), mobile phone, ipod – matt.
Whole letter /final note to parents uner mtant banner, supported by cdu, det, olsh, grollo, …
Own cars list matt. Teachers on bus.
Mick – Graphics Calcs + 1 whiteboard.
- extra duties as required.
MEETING WED EVENING 20 TH May AT 5PM AT ASH. Material to be assembled and checked. Tubs for material. On wiki who is bringing size how many.
Ian s, matt, john b, Derek, roger, Rebecca, Ian R. Ian s arrange food: bbq deliver chinese subway … week 6.


kitchen: Rebecca, mick, tony, Justin, jules

Rebecca Qualischefski
Yirara College FRM
08 89505644 General Office Number Receptionist 8.00- 5.00
08 89505693 Top L Boarding House Out of hours 6.00am >, 6.00pm-10.00pm, weekend
08 89505632 Coordinators Office 8.00-5.00 might be in this office
Tony Qualischefski Yirara Work at yirara male coord. Mobile: 0427188182

Heleane to Rebecca communicate suggest Friday 3 of us. May leave Heleana.

General help Derek, mick, ian s

Enrichment activites, tasks, planning logo.
Hi all, I'm a bit busy catching up but we have lots of decisions made last Saturday. Thanks to everyone. I hope to update all of this by COB wednesday but with some updated later today. Please consider the following 2 drafts: logo, activites pro forma: with the logo to replace the blackboard on the pro forma. Please send comments before COB wendesday. We decided on a black T-shirt so the logo will probably be red ochre vertices and writing and yellow ochre edges on the t-shirt. Thanks to Mick K (and OLsh man ??) and Caroline O.

9 May 2009: very basic design - will be looking at possibly no longer than 2 pages (back to back) on coloured card. Will work on the colour world this week with Leah and Val from OLSH before re-submitting to Ian for comment. If it's a go, will then print and laminate the cards for this 'world'. Are other worlds happy with this simple design? Will also have the envelopes (A4) ready for all the worlds with the exclamation/question mark on it so that you can display it in your 'world' - we will come up with a few "!" questions for the colour world in case the students loose interest or find certain tasks too taxing - might be an idea for others worlds too? Each world will also need some extra paper for the "?" envelope. Caroline

Previous meeting (date unknown)
  • We need to have everyone involved watching this WIKI. When you are signed in as yourself make sure you click on the 'Notify me' box on the top right hand corner! Best way to keep in contact.
  • OLSH will bring a BBQ.
  • Sandra will start to make food lists in which we will designate on who is getting what.
  • Timetable of camp will be provided on schedule list in main menu of WIKI (also a staff roster will be created)
  • Cam/Jill- are Tees still a go for you?/ Jill How about the certificates?
  • Arithmetic t-shirt ice breaker- Making equations?!
  • Potential ideas for Maths activities: Robots, Rockets (propulsion, angle of elevation, masking tape graphs, 3D graphing) and.....Eular Bridges? and.... Giant numbers
  • Roger will bring this fantastic 15 minute video
  • What should the camp theme be? Will be discussed on Friday the 1st of May at the meeting at ASHS with Ian Roberts