Consent & Liability

Matt Skoss has passed on to Ian and Derek department guideline.

Matt is also investigating whether MTANT could provide consent forms and liability insurance.

Josie Roberts, MTANT Treasurer sent an email on 23/3/09:
All the Professional Associations are covered to the tune of $1 million (from memory). By virtue of our membership of NTJCPTA we are all covered under the same umbrella of non-for-profit associations and we are insured by Marsh Ltd.

MTANT had scheduled to have a Management Group meeting on Thursday 26 March. With three members not being available for the meeting, it was postponed to Thursday 2 April.
Matt Skoss will put requests for funding to this management group for:
• $3000 support for Alice Springs Enrichment Camp
• $1500 support to get Chris Rodgers to both both Alice Springs and Darwin