Hi all, I have had some input on our design. My wife Clare (an artist) writes:
had a look at the design, and would recommend a few changes. Firstly, the design needs to be seen as a whole, so it would work better if it was composed within a diamond shape [ no edges marked in of course], with the triangle foming the bulk of the top half. 'Maths Camp' then goes in to form the widest point, accurately touching and contained within the edges of the diamond, with '2009' down at the level where it too touches the sides of the lower half of the diamond - text size allows this to be adjustable for spacing. At the very bottom I'd put a small solid triangle of colour to define the point. Text should be Verdana or some other simple, open font. Colours are red ochre and yellow ochre - I tend to favour yellow lines and bottom small triangle, the rest red ochre, if it is to go on a black background, but there are other perfectly good options. Their size of about 6 cm is ok, especially for kids' shirts.
Her modified design is shown below. I suggest that the triangle also has red ochre vertices. There are good maths reasons for saying this triangle is a good idea, as well as the arty design bit). I'll elaborate later on this (think of the hi-5/clinking problem). One of the camp questions will eb about the kids working out why we use thisdesign i.e. what meaning it might have from one of the problems.

Draft Logo, add red dots on triangle

Here is a summary from our last saturday meeting (May 2). It is a working document with lots of brevity and lots of our names. Is it correct? The aim is to get it into a reasonable shape by early next week. I have to interact with each World leader to sort out preparation of the problems in each World. Contatc me directly if you wish. Please note the names attached to each item mentioned in the summary and realise that it means it is your responsibility, unless you negotiate otherwise and let us all know. Ian