QuickSmart Resources page

QuickSmart is a research based numeracy intervention program. It has proven to be effective in boosting low achievers up into the 'main game' - giving them the skills and confidence they need to participate effectively in mainstream school mathematics programs. For details of the program, click here to visit the QuickSmart site at the University of New England.

Need help analysing your QuickSmart student data? We've got the tools for you!

Download the QuickSmart Graphing and Effect Size macro enabled spreadsheet below for the rapid analysis and graphing of your data at the touch of a button (or two!) - Requires Office 2007:

Need help getting it to work? Try these nifty video tutorials:

Preparing the data

Analysing the data

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For further advice, questions or feedback, contact John Bradbury at john.bradbury@nt.gov.au