Planning meeting in Alice Springs @ Sporty's Bar on 11 Feb 2009 for Maths Enrichment session on 12 Feb
Attended: Jill Neyland, Derek Lammertsma, Ian Shepherd, Roger Sellar, John Bermingham, Matt Skoss
Apologies: Ian Roberts (plane delayed), Caroline O'Keife (school function)
Keep in the loop: Shelley Worthington, Learne Dunne, MTANT Exec

Developing a sense of belonging - between staff and students
Diversity of problems, and methodology of engaging students with problems
  • Print-based problems
  • Whole group working on one problem, with explicit scaffolding when required
  • Problems between sessions to keep the momentum going
Mechanism to capture the methodology and resources, to make the process more streamlined in the future, and to capture the corporate wisdom
Collection sheet/roll, including kids' email addresses, so that we can send out updates, reminders
Feedback sheets - kids and teachers

Operational stuff:
2 kids/pizza, vegetarian & meat-lovers
Plastic cups
Drinks-water, lime & lemon

Dropping off food: Take Entrance 2 and come around the back of Gateways Area. Ring Shane Sneddon on 0448-895 500 to ask for the bollard blocking the roadway to be removed.
Useful websites: