Student Enrichment Camp at Ross River
May 22nd to 24th

(Late Friday afternoon to Sunday morning)
Ross River Homestead

Letter to participating students - What to bring
This letter was emailed on Mon 18 May.

Monday 18th (from Ian R): Some updated info re the camp and the activities pasted below. Please pass this on to your colleagues who may not be "wikied'.
World leaders please read in detail. Others please scan for various relevant comments/questions. Things look like they are on track, but there's lots ot do. I arrive Alice Springs Wed arvo and will see some of you at the meeting at Centralian around 5pm. Expect to try to 'finish' the written activities then. This can be done as each problem sheet should be one A4 page with about 4 pages for each of 3 rooms. The assumption is that the kids are keen and smart, and we are not in a classroom so let their brains run wild.

St John's Ambulance to take out ambulance cover for students. Cost is $1.50 per child, $5 per adult

Adults on the camp will be covered under their own private health insurance. If you don't have private health cover that includes ambulance cover, please email by 3 pm Tuesday 19 May, so that I can include you on the form. Ambulance cover is not included under public liability & personal indeminity insurance held by NT Joint Council of Professional Associations, under whose auspices MTANT is covered.
Note for next year: Ask question on student form about whether private health insurance is held by the family.

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Update re the actual enrichment activities preparation: I've been a bit busy. I can't see me sending all of the activities for each World to the groups to prepare them until late Thursday arvo. Please try to schedule your time so you can work on them and send me a godo draft no later than Monday next week (but preferably before Sunday). This gives us only a very small amount of time to do final amendments. Please be prepared to do final amendments as late as our meeting on Wednesday 20th May, but only as a fallback position. If anyone has an urgent need for material then contact me directly via email or phone (89466381 or 0403406999 (SMS)) and I'll see what I can do. If anyone has drafted some of the material already sent then please email it to me for a quick response. Ian R

I have put everything into the links below but have put a copy of the link to Ian's word document here as it is so important. Ian S.

Please note the names attached to each item mentioned in the summary and realise that it means it is your responsibility, unless you negotiate otherwise and let us all know. Ian R.

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