Anything to do with the campsite - bookings, what to bring, etc..

John Bermingham visited Ross River on the weekend. He made the following notes.

Sue and I visited Ross River on Saturday .

Roman is very much looking forward to our visit and is keen for this to be an ongoing event.

The rates are: $20/head/night in the bunk house. Cabins at $120/night.
Also he will charge us $150/day for the use of the kitchen and eating area. Gas stoves and fridges, and large pots provided. Lots of room also.
They will also provide plates and cutlery if requested but I think it may be better if we ask everyone to bring their own - more incentive to wash up afterwards. I did not ask about tea towels!
Anyone staying in the bunkhouse needs to bring sleeping bag and pillow.
They are not charging us for the use of the main house and will not serve any meals inside on Saturday.
We also have the use of the room for a video on Friday night.
They have one whiteboard, and two projector screens. A projector screen will be OK for the videos. We will need to bring a projector.
I will organise this from CSSC.
The outside area can be in one of two places - just outside the main area which will mostly likely have people sitting around. But I don't think this will be too much of a problem. There is also another large grass area over in among the cabins which will be more private and just as suitable in area but not quite as convenient in proximity.
Overall - it all looks good.

PS. Do we know final numbers yet? I need to start putting together the student packs.