Mathematics Teachers' Association of the Northern Territory
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Affiliated with the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (Inc.)
Last updated: 4 March 2017

At the AGM on Sunday 28 August 2016, the following Management Group was elected unopposed after nominations:
  • President: John Bament
  • Vice President: Lola Sleep
  • Secretary: Geoff Gillman
  • Treasurer / Membership Secretary: Matt Skoss
  • Executive Members:
  • Geoff Gillman (Public Officer)
  • Selina Blyton
  • Josie Roberts
  • Elizabeth Milne
  • Carolyn Clark
  • John Bradbury

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Members are encoruaged to subscribe to the journals published by AAMT, at a cost of $30 per journal. This is done via the Membership Form.
  • Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom
  • Australian Mathematics Teacher
  • Australian Senior Mathematics Journal
Information about each of the journals ia available from

Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom
Filled with practical activities and advice, editions include professional articles on a diverse range of mathematical topics and approaches, with direct classroom applicability.
The Australian Mathematics Teacher
Broad, practical appeal for teachers of the upper primary and lower secondary years. Editions include articles on a wide variety of topics, such as teaching approaches, classroom activities, and research.

Australian Senior Mathematics Journal (ASMJ)
For those teaching in upper secondary and the early years of tertiary education. Each edition provides professional articles on the teaching of various mathematical topics, as well as research relevant to the classroom.

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Selection of NT student for the Australian National Mathematics Summer SchoolForms to be uploaded in June.
All students for the National Mathematics Summer School are selected by the Director of the school (Associate Professor Leon Poladian of the University of Sydney) based on nominations supplied by the State and Territory mathematics teacher professional associations. In the NT, this is the Mathematics Teachers’ Association of the Northern Territory (MTANT).

Around 70 students are selected to attend the school each year. States and Territories are represented approximately in proportion to their populations, so there are only one or two places available for NT students.

The NT selection is not based on a competition. The MTANT selectors aim to send a list of names of students to the Director where every student on the list is judged to be able to benefit from the school, to contribute to the life of the school, and to gain a lasting academic and social – and perhaps future professional – value from it.

At the National Mathematics Summer School, mathematically gifted and talented students from all over Australia stay together in student accommodation, and participate in lectures and tutorials across a wide range of mathematical topics such as number theory, topology, cryptology, chaos theory and game theory. There is no sense in which the National Mathematics Summer School is a competition or a ‘cram school’.

At the school, there is an emphasis on problem solving: on doing mathematics, not just listening to someone else talking about it. Students spend a considerable amount of time during the school working independently on problems. They need to have persistence and tenacity as the problems require them to critique and construct mathematical arguments, rather than get the ‘answer’.

They will have the opportunity to mix (and bond) with like-minded students from across the country, and also with young people who are involved in various ways in academic mathematical studies.

The MTANT selection process requires students to demonstrate that their mathematical skills and experience sufficiently equip them to cope with and benefit from the mathematical content of the school. It is expected that students would be studying at least a Pre Mathematical Studies course or IB SL in Year 11, and intending to study (or be already undertaking) Mathematical Studies or IB SL in Year 12.

Students and their teachers are invited to submit other evidence that demonstrates high mathematical ability and achievement.

The selectors are also interested in knowing more about students’ involvement in mathematical activities beyond the classroom, particularly where these show the student’s ability and interest to work independently on mathematics, where they have demonstrated sustained interest in a mathematical task, and where they have been involved in extracurricular activities related to mathematics.

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Award for Mathematical Excellence (AME) Guidelines

MTANT is calling for nominations for the Award for Mathematical Excellence (AME). Any Northern Territory student, educator or community member who has demonstrated an outstanding achievement in mathematics or provided an outstanding contribution to mathematics education in the NT is eligible to be nominated for the AME.

The AME was inaugurated in 1991, following a donation for this purpose from Mr Jack Oliver. Additional financial support has also been provided by MTANT. Jack Oliver was a long time MTANT member and is a life member of the Association. Until his retirement, Jack was a lecturer in Mathematics at Charles Darwin University (formerly known as Darwin Institute of Technology and NT University).

Following the establishment of the Award it was intended that the award would be offered annually with the donated monies invested to accrue interest for this purpose. Previous recipients of the Award have included: Ann Richards for her contribution to teacher education, promotion of the Australian Mathematics Competition in the NT and her active involvement in MTANT; Jeanette McLeod an outstanding student of mathematics at CDU; John Pickett, mathematics senior teacher at Katherine High School, who actively contributed to Mathematics Education in the NT for over 29 years. In 2005 a special Achievement Award was presented to Kirilie Turner for her contribution in assisting Indigenous students at Newcastle Waters School to improve their numeracy. The 2007 award was presented to Judith Egan, a long-term Territorian who studied mathematics at the CDU, supported students in the CDU Maths Club and is currently studying interstate for her PhD in mathematics. In 2008, V Mohan-Ram was awarded the AME for longstanding contributions to Maths Education in his role as a lecturer at CDU and to MTANT events.

Maths Talent Quest (MTQ) Guidelines

MTQ is open to any individual student, small group of students or class in the Northern Territory ranging from Pre-School to Year 12.
MTQ aims at encouraging students to work mathematically to produce a mathematical investigation, project or storybook. Teachers are encouraged to conduct the Mathematics TaleNT Quest as part of their regular mathematics teaching and learning program. NTCF Mathematics Learning Area and EsseNTial Learnings outcomes can be easily identified in the process of working mathematically to produce an entry.